DocFlowNAV – DFN Development Team under the direction of the author Sergey Sanin with support of AWARA IT (2019 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year in Russia)


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Sequential and parallel approval, route and execution depend on the content of the document.


Automatic completion of fields and dimensions based on templates. Frequently used for creating new catalogues (items, customers etc.).

Timelines and Responsible individual

Scheduling of document approval, identification of those responsible for each stage. Deadline control.

Control of the document

Control of field completion, dimensions and attachments during document preparation.

Document blocking

Blocking of the whole document or specific fields depending on user role and stage of approval.


Receive notifications for upcoming deadlines, document approvals, rejections and changes.


Create and check existence of specific attachment types, editing and deletion options depending on user role or stage of approval, attachment version.

Printed forms

Option to print documents depending on user role or stage of approval. Individual print forms for specific customers, combining documents into print packages.


History of approvals, document changes, notifications, added attachments and print reports. All important events of the document in one page.


Temporarily replacement of one employee with another with the option of redirecting permission rights and forwarding notifications.


A separate codeunit with a specific structure is available for customer development. If customizations can’t be configured, it is still possible to code (e.g. specific functions, checks etc.). DocFlowNAV has a gateway to connect functions from the codeunit.

How it works


DocFlowNAV solution is user friendly and intuitive: only one field “Current Stage” and one button are added to a document.

Instructions for end-user in a few words:
"When you finish your part of work with a document, press the button and transfer document to the next stage."

Administrator of the solution can find manuals here.
There are video instructions on how to configure each function on our Youtube channel.
Settings templates for various business processes can be found here: use cases.

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DFN Development Team is led by author Sanin Sergey in collaboration with AWARA IT (2019 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year in Russia)

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