Target customer

NAV 3.70 — NAV 2018

Document Flow NAV extends the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV version 3.70 - 2018.

Suit everyone

The solution is horizontal, it is useful for any company, regardless of the scope of the business. Implemented in distribution, insurance, livestock, pharmaceuticals.

Maximum benefit

The maximum benefit in case of purchase the solution at the earliest stage of implementation, because Document Flow NAV will reduce the requirements for development Microsoft Dynamics NAV, simplify the creation of documents and cards for users.



To Chief

The implementation period is 2 days. The solution has been working since 2008, more than in 20 companies have been installed, more than 40 business processes have been automated in one company, more than 70,000 approvals per day. All requirements are could be settings up instead of development. This means that there will be no programming errors, no requirement of development license, internal development (if there is) will be spared from routine, a monthly bill for outsource development (if there is) will be smaller. Plus a transparent information of the state of each business process, who is responsible for it, when it should be done, and why for so long (by approval history). Plus notification in case of rejection, in case of requesting of approval, deadline notification. Plus the ability to online redesign the business process in few minutes.

To Admins

90 percent of all changes are configured, without development. If something is programmed, this code is also run by the setting. And every setting has a check box "Active". Did something happen that the business stop? Well, turn off this rule. Turn off activity of the entire business process, everything will return to the functionality of the NAV that was before the solution was installed. All system settings are the same. If you just created setting of the control fields - setting the documents blocks is similar. And setting of printing reports too. And notifications. Each of setting contains check box “Active” on the left and conditions of the document content, on the right of list. And the up / down buttons to change the order and priority settings.

To users

Did you want “one magic button”? Here's to you the one button. Training is not required. Filled out the document - press the button - the document jump to the stage "NOT MY BUSINESS". If something is not filled - did not jump and message reason. If something wrong and it does not depend on you - just send the document to the "PROBLEM" stage with the comments. Monotone work on the creating cards (items, customers)? Set up templates and create new cards in a couple of seconds (fields values, dimensions). Did the financial manager change the date in your document? Ask to receive notifications about this, let the administrators set it up. Do customers ask for individual printing forms? Ask the administrator, he will configure special forms for a particular customer. Can we do more to ease your work? Tell us, if there is an objective benefit, you (and everyone) get new functionality free with the next update.



Sequential and parallel approve, routes and performers depend on the content of the document


Automatic filling of fields and dimensions by templates. Often used in creating new cards (items, customers)

Executors and deadlines

Scheduling of document approval, identification of those who is responsible for each stage. Deadline control

Control document

Control filling of fields, dimensions, existence of attachments with document approvement

Document block

Header document, lines, specific fields, depending on the user role and the stage of approvement


In case of requesting approval, in case of rejection, in case of changing document, deadline notification


Creation, control existence of attachment of a certain type, the possibility of editing, deletion depending on the user role or the stage of approvement, versions of attachments

Printed forms

The ability to print out depending on the role or stage of approvement, individual printing forms for some customers, the combining reports in packages


History of approve, document changes, created notifications and printing of reports


Temporary replacement of one employee by another with a temporary redirection of notifications and temporary granting permissions of the person being out


A separate codeunit with a special structure, available for development by the client. If something could not be setting, it can still be developed (functions, checks, etc.). Document Flow NAV implemented a gateway for connecting functions from this unit

Companies where solution is implemented



V. Botyleva str. 23 - 9 Moscow, Russia